The Family

Farm Gottesgabe has been in the Friedrich family since 1927. In 1979 Georg Adolf Friedrich (3rd generation) started farming with Bonsmara cattle. Because of a serious drought in 1982 the family had to abandon farming and move to Gobabis where Georg started a company called Gobabis Auto Electrik. The business was so successful that it was 2005 before the family sold the business and moved back to the farm on a permanent basis. At this time Georg changed the breeding stock to indigenous Nguni cattle. The Friedrich family is a large one and all the children have a vested interest in the land.

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The Farm

Farm Gottesgabe(4700ha) is holistically managed using natural processes.

 Farming in the image of nature, mirroring processes as close as possible to nature.IMG_2071

No dehorning of cows and bulls, no weaning, no supplements and no artificial feeding.

  • Improving soil health and biodiversity of rangelands and pastures.
  • Increasing grazing and wildlife capacity.
  • Increasing annual profits and enhancing livelihoods of all partners on the farm.
  • Optimally using rainfall and conserving water.
  • Growing healthier crops and achieving higher yields.
  • Reversing desertification in brittle environments.
  • Breaking the cycle of food and water insecurity.
  • Enhancing family relationships.

Job creation by debushing and producing wood products from invader bush such as:


  • garden edging
  • compost
  • fencing poles and droppers
  • charcoal
  • cattle, game, sheep, goat and horse feed
  • garden mulch
  • and deco mulch
  • cow dung


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