The Nguni

Nguni cattle are a sub-type of the African Sanga cattle and indigenous to southern Africa where they are used for milk and meat production.

They are medium sized animals with many different colors and patterns. They are easily characterized by their multicolored skin. The colours of this breed of cattle are varied with different patterns such as white hair with pigmented skin; black, brown red, dun, yellow are common, either as solid colours or in various combinations (black-and-tan or bridle).


Nguni cattle are known for:

  • their exceptional fertility under harsh conditions
  • early sexual maturity, especially in heifers
  • good foraging ability
  • resistance to diseases
  • resistance to ticks
  • ease of calving and good mothering ability
  • docile behavior and good temperament
  • their adaptability to different grazing conditions

They are excellent food foragers and will graze and browse on steep slopes and in thick bush alike.


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