Edging is a natural way to beautify your garden. We have edging available in three different ranges: first is natural as found naturally (bark on), secondly debarked and lastly debarked and oiled. Sizes 20, 30 and 40cm.

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Fence Poles and Posts

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Deco-mulch and ordinary garden mulch

Maintain a colorful garden even when winter or drought diminishes all vegetation. (Available in natural, green, white, red, yellow, blue and black). Chipped invader bush.


Bird feeder

Bird feeders are bottle devices placed outdoors to supply nectar to a variety of birds. This feeder is naturally attractive to hummingbirds. Our hand made bird feeders are made from recycled bottles and a natural theme wired decoration.


Top quality, organic compost with no chemicals used. Consisting mainly of grass, cow dung and intruder bush. We are also able to produce specifications:

Vermi compost: small scale. Subject to availability.


Dry bagged cow dung

About 20kg per large bag. No hormones or any chemicals ever used by cattle.



Boskos which is ideal for dry winter months.
Cattle, goat, sheep and horse feed consisting of high protein dried and ground invader bush leaves and twigs (acacia meridionalis) mixed with ground camelthorn pods.
Prevents colic in horses.
BOSKOS is a primary game feed. It is produced from invader bush and is a natural source of prime food for herbivores.
With addition of some supplements it is a staple diet, especially as a winter grazing supplement, for game, cattle, goats and sheep and horses.
The harvest is rich in natural trace elements, drawn from deep in the earth by the root systems, and retained in the processing of the final product. Boskos nutrients and fibres, as organic elements, are immediately available in a herbivore’s metabolism, which assists with easier digestion.
We mix in ground camelthorn pods or Prosopis(mesquite) pods (for horses).



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